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  At Metro Pools, Inc.,

 we match a pool heater to fit your lifestyle!


For year round swimming, Heat Pumps are your most cost efficient choice. These highly efficient heaters use the warm ambient air and humidity as the source of energy. Due to their high efficiency, operational expense is very low when compared to other heating methods.
Metro Pools Inc. features Built Right Heat Pumps because of their quality components and superior design. Built Right uses only "top of the line" components like Copeland Scroll compressors and Turbo-tec heat exchangers. Noise suppresion techniques like the swept wing fan and blanketed compressor make these heaters exceptionally quiet. There are several models to choose from. Let Metro Pools explain the differences so we can best suit your lifestyle!
Built Right Heat pumps performance specifications are third party certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)!
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BR100 S7                       BR115 S7                        BR135 S7

    100,000 BTU's                         115,000 BTU's                           135,000 BTU's

           6.7 COP                                     6.1 COP                                          5.9 COP


Seven Year Parts and Two Years Labor Warranty

Titanium Heat Exchanger

Digital Control Board

Remote System Friendly

Scroll Compressor



XW Series


BR80 XW                        BR115 XW                      BR135 XW

       76,000 BTU's                115,000 BTU's              135,000 BTU's

               7.0 COP                                   6.1 COP                                    5.9 COP


Five Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Titanium Heat Exchanger

Digital Control Board

Remote System Friendly

Scroll Compressor

Impressivly Quiet

Swept Wing Fan Assembly


Gas Heaters

For the fastest pool heating, regardless of weather conditions and operational expense, a gas heater is the method of choice. We feature Rheem gas heaters.